We are happy to announce we are accepting new patients and ready to help you on your journey to Beautiful Health. Belle Santé, literally translated, means Beautiful Health! We strive to offer patient-centered care in a Direct Care health model. With you, our patient, we will develop a plan of care tailored to your needs and goals.

Currently patients often find themselves not able to spend enough time with their provider in a relaxed setting that fosters empathy, compassion and caring. At Belle Santé Family Practice we want to set a new standard and give patients what they need most, time.
Whether it be a quick visit to address a specific problem or an extended visit to address several or complex issues, we are here to accommodate you.

Appointments are conducted via telemedicine or by mobile/concierge services. Please click the link to request your appointment below! We are excited to help you on the journey that matters most, YOU and your Beautiful Health!

Vitamin IV infusions
Acute illness
Chronic diseases

Shanna L. Bellamy, FNP-C

For more information:

(346) 385-3500


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